We've taken 14,300 data points from sales of the Toyota Camry. Use the tool below to see when to sell or buy:

  • 1,300 vehicle sales.
  • Mileages from 1,028 to 236,800 miles.
  • Models from 1989 to 2015.
  • Highway mileage savings between 22 and 39 mpg.
  • Engine types V6, I4 and I4 Hybrid.
  • Kelly blue book prices ranging from $4,537 till $28,658.
Toyota Camry
© Teddyleung | Dreamstime.com - Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 Photo
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See the value of a Camry in action:

How good is a Camry as an investment?

Let’s assume, you buy a new Camry and drive it for the first 25,000 miles. At this point it is worth 17230 dollars, so it loses about 3.5 thousands in value.

Now, let's take a luxury car, for example a Mercedes S-Class. [Pick a Mercedes S-Class of your choice and put the sliders to 2015 and 0 miles.]

The new Mercedes would be priced around $125,000 on average. Check what happens if one drives it for the first 25,000 miles! The vehicle's value drops to about $88,500, i.e. it loses a good 37000 dollars - which is equal to about 1.5 new Camrys!

You see that the price of a used Camry goes down very slowly in both age and the mileage, which suggests that Toyota Camry is an EXCELLENT Investment

When is a GOOD time to buy a Toyota Camry?

It looks like pretty any time is good - depending on your budget. If you have $25,000 to spend - buying it new would probably give the biggest bang for the buck (because you have a warranty and drive a new car).

When is a GOOD time to sell a Toyota Camry?

Again this is such a predictable model that depreciates so slowly, so any moment you decide to sell is good as long as the price you ask is right.

If you know how much you drive per year - you can easily forecast the value at any moment!

For example, let's assume you are planning to buy a Camry of 2012 with 60,000 miles. [In the sliders ABOVE just set the year to 2012 and the mileage slider to 60,000 miles.]

Now, look at the bottom graph. It shows you how the value of your car will evolve depending on how much you drive per year.

0 mi      50,000 mi

If, for example, you set the slider below to driving 10,000 miles per year, your car would still be worth an average of $9,000 after six years of your driving!

So what's the conclusion?

It is such a reliable car with a price easy to predict at any age or mileage, that we conclude that

Toyota Camry is an EXCELLENT investment.

No matter when you buy it, no matter when you sell it - you know precisely what the fair price is with no surprises. And the price goes down very slowly even when new compared with other car models.

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