Welcome to our data-driven blog about cars!

DataStories Cars is the simplest example of how data science and machine learning can be made useful in everyday life.

This blog series is a result of us analyzing and modeling the data from about 50,000 new and used car sales and listings in the US and putting the knowledge into a simple to use tool. We wanted to make price prediction as easy as possible. You just select the car model and get back an interactive tool to tell your car's fair price based on age and mileage.

In the posts below we look at individual models and share their stories with you. Based on the data.

Toyota Camry Thumbnail

What is the value of your Toyota Camry?

In this blog post we calculated if the Toyota Camry is a good investment.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Thumbnail

Lamborghini Gallardo: To buy or not to buy?

We've selected sales of Lamborghini Gallardo in the US and used machine learning to build these simple pricing models.

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