We've selected sales of Lamborghini Gallardo in the US and used machine learning to build these simple pricing models. Use the tool below to see when to buy:

  • 145 vehicle sales.
  • Mileages from 25 to 80,100 miles.
  • Models from 2004 to 2014.
  • Highway mileage savings between 8 and 13 mpg.
  • Prices ranging from $80,000 till $370,000 with an average $144,000.
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© Teddyleung | Dreamstime.com - Lamborghini Gallardo 560-4 Photo
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See the value of a Lamborghini in action:

How good is a new Gallardo as an investment? Are you kidding?

Assume you buy a Lamborghini of 2013 with only five miles on it. [Set the sliders above to 2013 and 5 miles] The Fair price at this moment is $232,153.

If you drive to your three friends to boast and reach 5,000 miles - the fair price of your car will drop down to $185,970 ($4.6 per mile you drive).

The new Lamborghini loses $9.60 per mile

The next 5,000 miles are better, since the car would only be losing $2.2 per mile of driving. What does this tell us?

It looks like when people decide to buy a new Lamborghini, they do it for other reasons than to invest their money well.

A new Lamborghini is probably not a good investment of the money.

When is a GOOD time to buy a used Lamborghini?

Now assume you are on a budget, but still want a used Lamborghini at the best price. When is the good time to buy it?

If price and mileage are equally important of you and you want them both to be was small as possible, then for a given year of the model the optimal moment to buy is where a straight line connecting equal amounts of dollars and miles touches the price graph. For the 2013 model this happens right at 65,000 miles.

Buy Lamborghini Gallardo at 65,000 miles

Best time to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo

And now magic happens from 65,000 miles...

Assume, you bought the car at that optimal moment at the fair price of $135,775. [Make sure the sliders above are set to 2013 Gallardo with 65,000 miles]

Look at the graph below to see how the price will chage depending on how much you drive:

0 mi      50,000 mi

If you drive very little per year, the price goes down super slowly!

At 5,000 mi per year, after six years your Lamborghini would still be worth $100,988. So, it would lose $135,775 - $100,988 = $34,787, or 25% of the value you paid when you bought it six years earlier!

What's even more interesting is that if you drive a whopping 50,000 miles per year, then over 6 years the predicted fair price is still at $78,000. How cool is that?

A used Lamborghini is the best investment

So what's the conclusion?

  • The value of a Lamborghini Gallardo is not just in the actual car. It clearly means something more to owners than a tool to go from A to B.
  • For the first 10,000 miles the car depreciates the fastest among all models we've seen ($9.6 per mile for the first 5,000, and $4.6 per mile for the second 5,000 miles).
  • For any amount of miles after the optimal moment (which is 65,000 for a Gallardo of 2013) it depreciates in value the slowest of all models we've seen, relatively to it's original value.

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